Roller Blinds, factory direct quality, local manufactured.

the difference with Screen blind & without

Screen Blind pictured with the plain glass on the LHS

& and the Charcoal Screen Roller on the RHS

Rollers Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Panel Glides

Honey Cell Blinds

Slim Line Venetians

Timber Venetians

Aluminium Venetians

Canvas Outside Awnings

 "S" Fold Sheer Curtains.

Timber Venetians - also available in colours as well as white

Timber Venetians - available in other 
s as well as white.

Fitted Roller blinds @ the RACV  Cape Shancke resort
Double bracket roller blinds - blockout & a Screen

Double Bracket for 2 blinds

Honeycell blinds - option bottom up / top down or either

Honey Cell Blinds - 

Bottom up / top down option.

Various blinds, zip tracks, screen & roller blockouts

Blockout rollers, outdoor Awnings

Bay window with blockouts
White Roller blinds in an older style house
"S" fold sheer Curtians

"S" Fold Sheer Curtains

Honey cell blinds in a small window area look great

Honey Cell Blinds

Screen Blinds available in all colours

Screen Roller Blinds